Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to prune my trees?

It only matters if you have oak trees. The Texas A&M Extension Service recommends that you avoid pruning Oaks between February 15th and June 15th because open wounds attract a beetle that may vector Oak Wilt during that time. However, I would add to that statement to only avoid cosmetic pruning. If your tree has never been pruned it is very likely there are crossing, rubbing limbs that are causing an abrasive wound that can’t heal. Or you may have limbs rubbing on your roof that constantly get re-wounded when rubbing. Since the idea is to avoid open wounds during this time, I would argue that leaving an abrasive wound this is constantly re-wounded is worse than making a proper pruning cut to remove the abrasive limb and allow the limb to heal. Most pruning wounds stop sap flow within a few hours. If you are pruning trees other than oak the timing doesn’t really matter.

How do I know if I have Oak Wilt?

The best way to diagnose Oak Wilt is by identifying a pattern of spread. But be careful! Oak Wilt is the most difficult tree disease to diagnose. The typical foliar symptom associated with Oak Wilt can be caused by many different ailments, many of which are not diseases at all. And a pattern of spread can be masked by prior treatments and trenches aimed at controlling the disease. Because the disease is so difficult to diagnose and causes so much damage we highly recommend you get the help of a professional if you think you have oak wilt.It is our company policy that if we cannot make a positive diagnosis then the trees should not be treated right away, instead monitored for a year to look for disease spread. If you have Oak Wilt and are unsure, then waiting to see if the disease spreads will tell you for sure if your problem is Oak Wilt.

Are you licensed and insured?

There is no “licensing” for tree service in Austin. But, we are insured and we have a certified arborist on staff. Our insurance includes general liability, automobile and excess umbrella. We will gladly show you a copy if you choose to hire our services.

How do you get to the high parts of a tree?

We use tree climbing safety gear, and in particular “True Blue” rope from Samson Rope.

How do you remove large trees without damaging my property?

We use ropes to lower heavy, dangerous limbs or cut small pieces that are easy to handle and deposit into safe areas.

How often should I prune my tree?

Most trees only need a thorough pruning every 3-5 years. However, the trees may need a small touch up pruning every 1-2 years depending on the tree’s condition and your personal expectations. We very commonly run into over-pruned trees. It is important to understand that more pruning does not equal healthier trees. Tree pruning and tree care should be done on a prescription basis. You should be objective and identify a need to prune.