Consideration for Your Neighbors

We realize nobody wants to upset their neighbors, so we do everything in our power not to. We won’t crank up a chain saw too early or during dinner. We don’t have large, noisy, smelly trucks with shredders. We haul it all debris away and take care of everything off site. Some people have taken our cuttings and recycled them into beautiful art (fireplace mantle, frames, carvings, etc). We properly dispose of any infected trees out of city limits, to reduce the spread of any more disease.

When trimming your trees it is your responsibility to contact your neighbors to inform them of your tree service. Legally, Texas law states that anything in your property line is your responsibility. If you have something in writing asking your neighbor for the safety of your own house, and they reject your request, then it is their responsibility.

We work up to your property line, unless noted. You must get permission from the neighbor if the trees go into their yard.

For example:

If half the tree is in your yard, and the other half is in your neighbors’ yard, you may trim the portion of tree in your yard, up to the invisible property lines.


If you have a limb (on your neighbors side) that you can see is about to break, with the potential to fall into your yard and cause damage, you can request your neighbor to take care of it. If they deny your request, ask them formally, the law would be on your side if something were to happen. Note: If most of the limb is in your yard, you may cut it off at the invisible property line, in order to minimize damage.

We are not lawyers, so we do recommend double checking anything questionable with a lawyer.